Floss, Pik, and Flow
Interdental Brushes,
Picks, and Irrigator

Denbur interdental brushes,
picks, and irrigator in new
convenient EZ-Shake
Dispenser packaging.
7 to choose from.

Brushes and picks
available in wide, narrow,
and extra narrow to meet all
your needs, and come with a
FREE Multi-Hold handle.
Denbur is now a sponsor of
National Children's Oral
Health Foundation
In 2010 Denbur provided 21
affiliates with Master-Brush
valued at $51,559.00.  
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A Universal Handle  for
All  Denbur Applicators

The patented Denbur Multi-
Hold was developed as a
direct response to the
profession’s desire for an
applicator or brush
holder with the tactility and
length of a dental instrument.

Any of the Denbur
applicators, including Multi-
Brush Original Blue,
Multi-Brush Multi-Colors,
Magic-Brush, Master-Brush,
Maxi-Brush, Nano-Brush, and
Den-Brush can conveniently
be inserted into the
Multi-Hold handle. Once the
applicator is inserted into the
Multi-Hold handle, the
applicator can be adjusted to
a desired length for better
control of specific
Pure Applications
Pure-Brush is a fiber free
applicator available in 2 sizes:
Medium 1.5mm / Small 1mm
and 2 textures:
Firm / Soft
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