Industry Product Recommendations

*Multi-Brush Original Blue:
1-Reality Now, November 1991, Number 29.
Percentage of evaluators who would buy Multi-Brush 100%.

An Independent Research Institute, June 1996, Volume 20, Issue 6.
Compared and evaluated The Denbur Multi-Brush to Microbrush look alike
applicator. The Denbur Multi-Brush was preferred by the evaluators due to (a)
smaller size and & shape of tip & (b) Better bendability of handle.

An Independent Research Institute, January 1997, Volume 21, Issue 1.  Denbur
Multi-Brush was among the products rated highly after all testing completed.

Reality Now, 1998, Volume 12, page 17.
Denbur Multi-Brush received 4 star awards.

*Multi-Brush Multi-Colors:
1-An Independent Research Institute, January 2000, Volume 24, Issue 1.
The institute tested 632 products in 1999. The Denbur Multi-Brush was
among the only 141 products that were chosen for clinicians' guide to
Dental Products & Techniques.

1-An Independent Research Institute, December 2004, Volume 28, Issue 12.
In the Buying Guide-Outstanding Products 2004, the Denbur Magic-Brush
was evaluated as a best product. Magic-Brush received the Institute's
approval in its rigorous clinical & lab testing during 2004.

The Dental Advisor, 27.03 (2010):16.  Master-Brush receives 86% Dental Advisor
clinical rating.
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The Denbur Nano-Brush was rated among the Outstanding Products of 2008 by
the Clinician's Report.  See Clinicians Report, Outstanding Products of 2008-
Buying Guide, December 2008, Vol. 1, Issue 12.

The Dental Advisor, 26.05 (2009):16.  Nano-Brush  received The Dental Advisor
Editors’ Choice award, and a 92% clinical rating.

1-An Independent Research Institute, November 1991, Volume 15, Issue 11.
The Denbur Fracfinder is compared to Tooth Slooth. Fracfinder is rated excellent
by 82% of the Institute's evaluators.

Practical Endodontics, February 1993, page 15. The Denbur Fracfinder
is evaluated and compared to Tooth Slooth. Fracfinder is preferred to Tooth Slooth.

An Independent Research Institute, January 1999, Volume 23, Issue 1.
The Denbur Fracfinder is among the handful of products that is rated highly after
clinical field trials.

* Light-Tip
1. An Independent Research Institute, August 1992, Volume 16, Issue 8.
The Denbur Light-Tip is rated excellent by 88% of the Institute's Evaluators.

An Independent Research Institute, July 1997, Volume 21, Issue 7.
The Denbur Light-Tip is among the Products the Institutes Evaluators "Can't Live

Dental Economics, May 1997, page 55.
The Denbur Light-Tip is evaluated and is rated as a great product for obtaining
tight contact in Class 2 Restoration.

An Independent Research Institute, August 1998, Volume 22, Issue 8.
The Denbur "E Type" is rated excellent by 83% of the Institute's evaluators.

The Dental Advisor, 27.03 (2010): 7.  Multi-Hold received an 82% clinical rating.

The Dental Advisor, 26.08 (2009):16.  Maxi-Brush received an 85% clinical rating.