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for Cosmetics

Beauty-Brush is a hygienic, disposable brush to aid in cosmetic
applications. With its non-lint fibers,
Beauty-Brush is ideal for many uses.

Liquid Lipcolor/Liquid Lipliner.  Traditional lip brushes tend to be overly
flexible and may result in loss of control. The firmness of
Beauty-Brush fibers
makes creating an even, neat lip line simple.

Naturally Accentuate Lip Line.  With Beauty-Brush, gently shape lips by
lining the outer edge of the lip for a fuller look.  Draw with
to create a super fine line.  Slightly angle the Beauty-Brush to create a
fine line.  For a thick line, use
Beauty-Brush Medium. For larger applications,
Beauty-Brush Large.

Liquid Eyeliner.
For those reluctant to use liquid eyeliner, Beauty-Brush is an
easy to control, welcomed brush with perfect results.

Nail Polish Removal.  Use Beauty-Brush for exact polish removal for hard to
reach, close to the nail areas of the skin and cuticles, without touching freshly
painted nails.

Cuticle Area.  Beauty-Brush can be used to firmly but gently push back or
remove oiled cuticles.

Mixing and blending of Cosmetics. Beauty-Brush is great for blending small
amounts of cosmetics well. Larger brushes may not blend small amounts as
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Packaging Options
Small Black.  
Medium Purple.  
Large Teal.

40 brushes total.
20 per dispenser.
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