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Quality Dental Manufacturing
Established 1979
Step 1:

Locate ridged track on Single-Take
Step 2:

Locate the track on both bottom sides
of the POD. The recyclable plastic
sheet called the tongue will currently
be lined up in the track. This part will
be automatically removed in the
following steps.
Step 3:

With the Single-Take dispenser facing
you, from the right side line up track of
the POD with the ridged track of the
Single-Take dispenser. Load following
the direction of the red arrow.
Step 4:

If properly loaded, the plastic tongue
underneath the POD will begin to slide
back away to release the applicators
into the Single-Take dispenser.
Step 5:

Slide the POD all the way to the end
until you hear a click. Once you hear
the click your POD is correctly lined up
with the SIngle-Take Dispenser.
Step 6:

Press down gently on top of the POD
until it comes to a stop. One applicator
will be dispensed and roll to the front
of the Single-Take dispenser for use.
Step 7:

Remove applicator for use or dispense
up to 5 applicators to keep ready for
How to use and setup up
your Single-Take