The patented Denbur Nano-Brush is a new
     standard in Endodontics. It is an innovative
     applicator that depends on the natural
     anatomy to access the root canal.
     Nano-Brush allows deep penetration into
     dentinal tubule and lateral canal.  With its
     non-lint fibers, Nano-Brush thoroughly and
     effectively cleans the root canal and allows
     to apply materials precisely.

Whether to clean the pulp from the chamber, to clean the
debris in the canal, or to apply materials in the canal,
Nano-Brush makes the practice of Endodontics simpler
and more efficient. With Nano-Brush resin sealers can
penetrate deep into dentine tubules and lateral canals.
Nano-Brush expedites root canal treatment in reduced
time with improved results.

Nano-Brush is made of a pliable material. The shaft of
the applicator can be bent to any angle. The applicator
can be used with its extended handle or independently
with its access handle.

To use Nano-Brush with its extended handle there is no
need to secure the applicator with a nylon string.  The
extended handle gives ample holding space to have
thorough control of the applicator while proceeding with
the treatment.
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Packaging Options Article # and Description
Easy-Shake 120
934 120 Green Short Tip 30-35
934 121 Green Long Tip 30-35
934 122 Black Short Tip 40-45
934 123 Black Long Tip 40-45

Mini Easy-Shake 50
934 050 Green Short, Tip 30-35
934 051 Green Long, Tip 30-35
934 052 Black Short Tip 40-45
934 053 Black Long Tip 40-45
Nano-Brush Easy-Shake 120/50 Series
Easy-Shake 120, 120 applicators
Mini Easy-Shake, 50 applicators
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1. Bend with extended handle

2. To use access handle bend
and twist

Nano-Brush can be used with the access handle as
well. In order to separate the extended handle from
Nano-Brush, bend the bottle neck area above the access
handle, bend again then twist, bend and twist again. The
long extended handle will separate from the access
handle of Nano-Brush. Secure Nano-Brush the way an
Endodontic file is secured to a finger.
Disposable Anatomically Sensitive Endo Applicator
Nano-Brush Short          Nano-Brush Long
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