Sizes, Colors, and Bending Positions

Technique and Application
All 3 sizes of Maxi-Brush can be used for various applications
depending on the size of the preparation and the nature of the

Apply bonding agent in a post-space preparation with size
small, medium or large, depending on the size of the post

Apply uniform coats of bonding agent to an inlay cementation.

Apply bonding agent evenly, with size small, medium or large,
depending on the size of the preparation, along the entire
area of an onlay cementation.

Apply bonding agent to a traditional Class I preparation.

Treat the entire cavity wall of a Class II restoration in single

Apply bonding agent, with size medium or large, using a
wand-like motion to a porcelain veneer preparation.
Maxi-Brush is a disposable applicator that facilitates
access to narrow extended and confined spaces for
a variety of applications. With its elongated and
prolonged stiffer and non-lint fibers, Maxi-Brush in
3 sizes allows easy access to short, long, small,
medium, and large confined spaces.

Maxi-Brush can reach and access canal spaces for
post preparation, applying a bonding agent evenly
and thoroughly in a post-space. Maxi-Brush applies
the bonding agent to axial walls and pulpal floor of
inlay or onlay preparations in continuous motion
and even amounts. For porcelain veneer
preparations use Maxi-Brush to apply a bonding
agent using a wand-like motion. With Maxi-Brush
apply bonding agent to a traditional class I
preparation, or in class II preparation use
Maxi-Brush by treating the entire cavity walls in a
single application.
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Disposable Elongated Applicators
Packaging Options Article # and Description
935 1521 Color, Pastel
Blue, Small
935 1531 Color, Teal,
935 1541 Color, Process
Blue, Large
Maxi-Brush Easy-Shake 150 Series
150 Applicators, 1 Easy-Shake Dispenser
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Size Small, tip @ 0.90 mm >, color Pastel
Blue. The exclusive double bending feature
is ideal for application from the lingual.

Size Medium, tip @1.50 mm >, color Teal.
The applicator in short bending position.

Size Large, tip @ 1.60 mm >, color Process
Blue. The applicator in long bending
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