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Multi-Brush Original Blue patented tip   
renders a perfect fit into all conservative
prep areas. It is specifically designed
for precise and controlled application of material in
areas of limited access. Under the "fluff" fibers, the
plastic shaft is tapered to a point, allowing access
even into constricted areas.

Multi-Brush Original Blue is the choice of
independent, no-fee clinical research evaluators,
and clinically proven to be the best applicator for
reaching all areas of critical access with total control.

The handle of the applicator, may be bent to any
suitable angle for maximum accessibility--without
memory. Bend the applicator to desired angle, and
the applicator will maintain its bent position even as
pressure is applied.

Multi-Brush Original Blue is ideal for cavity liners,
bonding agents, etchants, disclosing solutions and
haemostatic. For acetone based solutions, use
Multi-Brush Multi-Colors or Magic-Brush.
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Original Blue®
Disposable Micro Applicators
928 150 - 1 Color, Medium Blue, Small
928 151 - 1 Color, Light Blue,
Extra Small
928 152 - 1 Color, Dark Blue, Medium

928 600 - 1 Color, Medium Blue, Small
928 601 - 1 Color, Light Blue,
Extra Small
928 602 - 1 Color, Dark Blue, Medium
928 604 - Combo Pack,
3 Colors, 3 Sizes
1 Light Blue, Extra Small;
2 Medium Blue, Small;
1 Dark Blue, Medium

928 050 - 1 Color, Medium Blue, Small
928 051 - 1 Color, Light Blue,
Extra Small
928 052 - 1 Color, Dark Blue, Medium
Multi-Brush Easy-Shake 150 Series
150 Applicators, 1 Easy-Shake Dispenser
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Original Blue
Multi-Brush Easy-Shake 600 Series
600 Applicators, 4 Easy-Shake Dispensers
Straight                 Short bend              Double bend
Position                    Position                    Position
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Multi-Brush Mini Easy-Shake 50 Series
50 Applicators, 1 Mini Easy-Shake Dispenser