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Disposable Interdental Irrigation Tips

The patented Den-Flow system is a simple and
effective means to irrigate interdental areas.  With its
axial opening and semicircular structure the Den-Flow
is easily placed in between teeth for thorough
irrigation.  Its bendable neck allows access to molars
and posterior areas, interproximal areas, and the front
teeth and palate.

Den-Flow delivers enhanced control, comfort, and
precision to flush out lodged food particles while
irrigating and cleaning between teeth.  It is ideal for oral
hygiene patients, patients with healthy gingiva, for those
with dental restorations or orthodontics, for post-
periodontal care or for anyone who find floss or
conventional interdental brushes troublesome.

Den-Flow can be used with warm water, sanitizing or
cleansing solutions, or with any prescribed
medicaments suitable to interdental irrigation.

Both the neck and the tip of Den-Flow can be bent up to
90 degrees without pinching. With its universal Luer
Lock tip, the disposable Den-Flow simply twists onto
and off of the syringe.
Packaging Options Article # and Description
937 006 -
Introductory Combo Pack:
6 Den-Flow Tips with 1 x 3 cc
Syringe Per Dozen  Larger capacity
syringe available upon request.

937 010 - Syringe Economy Bag:
10 x 3 cc Syringes

937 060 - Den-Flow Economy Bag:
60 Den-Flow Tips
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The structural tip of Den-Flow is
semicircular.  This structure
allows access to interdental
areas with ease and comfort.

Den-Flow has an axial opening
to allow thorough irrigation.

Den-Flow can be bent to reach
molars, posterior, front or back
of mouth.

Den-Flow in bent position to
irrigate posterior from the

Den-Flow in bent position to
irrigate posterior areas.

Den-Flow in straight position to
irrigate front of mouth.
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