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Bendable Dispensing Applicator Luer Lock Syringe Tips

C-Flow is an all plastic bendable dispensing applicator
tip with Universal Luer Lock-style to fir Luer syringes.  Both
the neck and tip-end can bend up to 90º without pinching.  
The tips are patient friendly and reduce needle phobia.  
C-Flow is ideal for flowable composites, sealants,
etchants, disclosing, desensitizing, sanitizing and other
solutions or compositions.  

C-Flow is available in Standard (ST) or non-lint Fiber
Coated (FC).  C-Flow ST and FC provide for precise and
controlled application of composition onto a tooth surface
without interfering with the flow of the composition, and
without obstructing clinician’s view of the delivery tip and
the tooth surface.  

Available in 120 Tips per box, 25 gauge/blue, ST or FC.
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C-Flow, Standard. 120 Tips per Box.        .

Gauge        Color               Product #                        
18                Pink                 
931 018                
20                Yellow          
   931 020                               
22                Black             
  931 022                
25                Blue            

C-Flow, Fiber Coated. 120 Tips per Box

Gauge        Color               Product #
18                Pink                 
932 018
20                Yellow             932 020
22                Black               932 022
25                Blue                 932 025